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Undergraduate Catalog


Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History
Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in History
History Minor (non-teaching)
History Minor (teaching)
History Concentration

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History (128 CR)
General Education (38 cr)

Required Core (36 cr)

Additional Degree Requirements:
2.0 GPA required in the major for graduation.

Second Major or Minor and/or Concentration(s) (33-36 cr)

Electives (10-13 cr)

Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in History (121 cr)
General Education (38 cr)

Must take PSY 111 as one Social Science General Education elective. The other Social Science General Education elective must come from the General Education courses found in the Core Social Science Support area choices (see category below). This course will determine the studentís core area specialization.

Required Core (36 cr)

Core Social Science Support Courses (9 cr)
State standards for history teaching certification require the study of a second social science beyond the introductory level. Choose one of the three social science disciplines listed below and complete the specified coursework. Your choice should coincide with your second Social Science General Education course. Note that the student will ultimately take 12 credits in a second social science area (one General Education plus three of the courses listed in the specified area below.)

Professional Education Sequence (38 cr)

Additional Program/Degree/Graduation Requirements

Electives (2-11 cr)

Additional Certification Option
A history major who takes coursework in an additional social science support area may apply for a Social Science Composite major equivalency teaching certification from the North Dakota Education and Standards Practices Board (ESPB), in addition to his/her history teaching certification. The candidate must:

History Minor (Non-Teaching) (21 cr)
Take 21 credits in HIST courses

History Minor (Teaching) (25 cr)

History Concentration (12 cr)
Elect courses to total twelve semester hours. No more than six credits may come from HIST 101, 102, 103, 104, 211, 212, or 215H.