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Student Success Center - Career Services

Credential File Instructions

Personal Data Form
The Personal Data Form is to be typed by you and returned to the Career Services Office. This form, along with the Release Form will start your data file. Until these forms are returned, any references or any other information we receive for you will be kept along with other information for students who have not started their file.

Release Form The Release Form gives Career Services permission to release your Credential File at your request or at the request of a prospective employer.

Reference Forms Reference Forms need to be filled out by individuals who know you either personally or professionally, preferably someone who knows your knowledge or expertise in your field of study. Some examples may be professors, supervising teachers, previous employers, etc. They may use their own letterhead instead of the forms if they prefer. The Reference Forms can either be returned by you or the individuals filling them out can return them directly to us. It is your responsibility to check your file and make sure all reference forms have been submitted.

College Transcripts & Other Items
If you wish to have your college transcripts placed in your file, you will need to contact the Student Records office and have a copy sent to us. You may request a transcript three ways: by conventional mail, fax (701-858-3396), or stopping at the Student Records Office. They need your request in writing including: your signature, social security number, current address and phone, year you first attended Minot State, address where you wish transcript sent, and how many you need. There is no fee for transcripts at this time. If you have transcripts from other universities, you may give us copies to place in your file as well. We make photocopies of the transcript, so if you need an official transcript you will need to contact Student Records to send it directly to the employer. Some people prefer to put a copy of their teaching certificate in their file. A copy of your student teaching and practicum evaluations will automatically be sent to Career Services and be placed in your file. Your file is open for you to review to make sure all pertinent information is included.

Sending Your Credential File
The labels enclosed with your packet are to be filled out by you with the name and address of the School District you wish your file to be sent to. Write your name on the back side of the label and bring in or mail to us. We place this label on an envelope when we mail your file out. If you are in the area, and would like to bring in your cover letter, resume or application to be mailed with your file, you may do so. You may also request that we make copies of your file to take with you.

Current students are allowed 25 credential packets free of charge (either picked up or mailed out). Any further credentials will be assessed a $1.00 fee. On September 1 (following your graduation) mailings will cost you $3.00 each to be mailed and $1.00 each to be picked up. Any unused portion of your original 25 WILL NOT carry over after September. We ask that you send the money with your labels.