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Math Talk Series
(Student Activities)

Kowan O'Keefe, MSU mathematics and chemistry major, will present "Identification Problem in Pharmacokinetic Model for the Treatment of Type II Diabetes Mellitus Using Metformin" Oct. 30 in Model 330 at 5 p.m. His presentation is part of the monthly Math Talk Series.

Type II Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which a person has highly elevated blood glucose levels resulting from bodily tissues being resistant to the insulin that is produced normally in the pancreas. Metformin is an anti-hyperglycemic drug that is widely used in the treatment of type II Diabetes Mellitus. In this work, an identification problem was investigated using an existing pharmacokinetic compartmental model for type II Diabetes Mellitus where the effects of oral administration of metformin are considered.

O'Keefe has been involved in undergraduate research in applied mathematics with Narayan Thapa, assistant professor of mathematics, since April 2013. After graduation, he plans to pursue a doctorate in organic chemistry.

Location: Model Hall 330
Price: Free and open to the public
Contact: Narayan Thapa
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