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International Artists Series

The International Artist Series presents Anthony Kearns.

With a rendition of "Danny Boy" that will melt your heart, Irish lyric tenor Anthony Kearns has the ability to color each note with beauty and grace.

Continuing to perform as a founding-member of platinum-selling vocal sensation "The Irish Tenors" and the winner of many Irish singing festivals, including "Ireland's Search for a Tenor" (1993), Kearns was recognized by the Irish Music Association as the "Best Irish Tenor" in the US, UK and European Union in 2010.

Kearns is also a notable opera performer, appearing in feature roles on opera stages across Europe and North America.

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Parking on campus is free and unrestricted for this performance.

Location: Ann Nicole Nelson Hall, Old Main
Price: $60 for series of 5 concerts
Sponsor: International Artist Series
Feb 2015
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