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MSU Etiquette Luncheon
(Student Activities)

Who hasn't asked "What fork do I use?" or "How am I supposed to eat that?" or "Is that my glass?" Dining etiquette is something taken for granted by most people, but if you're interviewing for a job, networking or conducting business over lunch or dinner, you cannot! This event is offered to expose MSU students, faculty and staff to the basic principles of traditional etiquette used during a business lunch or dinner through hands-on interaction. Lunch begins promptly at 12:30 p.m. Professional dress is required.

Cost $5 for students and $15 for faculty and staff.

Please purchase tickets by Oct. 2.

Purchase your tickets at the Student Success Center (2nd Floor Student Center), College of Business (Main 304), Division of Humanities (Hartnett Hall 148W), Teacher Education and Human Performance (Swain 218) and Dakota College (Administration 159). If you have any questions, contact the Student Success Center at 858-3362.

Location: Conference Center, third floor, Student Center
Price: $5 Students, $15 Staff and Faculty
Sponsor: MSU Student Success Center
Contact: Student Success Center
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