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Advising Webinar - Intrusive Academic Advising: An Effective Strategy to Increase Student Success

Overview: First formulated by Robert Glennan in the mid-1970s, the concept of Intrusive (sometimes referred to as Proactive) Academic Advising has been found to have a positive impact on student success. Intrusive academic advising means that colleges and universities -- through instructional faculty, academic advisors, counselors and others -- take the initiative to reach out to students to offer advice, support and assistance, rather than waiting for students to seek help. For example, intrusive academic advising expects that advisors will schedule meetings with their advisees at critical junctures, especially during the first year of enrollment, following receipt of notifications of academic difficulty, planning academic programs and changing majors.

Intrusive academic advising does not mean "hand holding" or the return of in loco parentis. Rather, it suggests that faculty, counselors, academic advisors and others demonstrate an active concern for students' academic progress and a concomitant willingness to assist students to understand and utilize programs and services that can increase the likelihood for their success. Intrusive academic advising programs and advisors understand that many students, especially those who may be at greater risk for dropping out, often do not seek assistance in time for the assistance to have a positive impact on their progress. This webinar will look at the principles, philosophy, effects, best practices and successful implementation of Intrusive Academic Advising.

Location: Westlie Room, Student Center
Contact: Heather Martin
Feb 2013
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