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Business Office

Sample Budget

Year 1

1.John Doe (Project Director, 25% FTE 12 mos)$19,450
2.Jane White (Project Coordinator, 50% FTE 11 mos)16,068
3.Sally Smith (Technical Coordinator, 25% FTE 11 mos)11,703
4. Robert Wood (Computer Programmer, 15% FTE 12 mos)7,040
5.TBN (Administrative Secretary, 30% FTE 12 mos)5,733
6.TBN (Web Site Technician-Student, 25% FTE 12 mos)2,730
7.TBN (Captionists, 12% FTE 9 mos)9,743
8.TBN (Note Takers, 12% FTE 9 mos)4,703
9.TBN (Classroom Observers 15% FTE 9 mos)5,889
10.TBN (Graduate Assistant, 52% FTE 12 mos)12,500
11.TBN (Programming Technician-Student, 37% FTE 12mos)4,032
Total Personnel$99,591

MSU benefits are calculated at three different rates. Full-time faculty benefits are calculated at 37.59% of salary, staff benefits are calculated at 48.87% and part-time professionals earn benefits at an 8% rate. Student workers are not eligible for benefits.

1.Faculty benefits (37.59% x $54,261)$15,736
2.Staff benefits (48.87% x $5,733)2,179
3.Part-time professional (8.42% x $20,335)1,627
Total Benefits$19,542

The project budget supports travel to schools to recruit teachers, students, data collectors; and operate Wave 1 and Wave 2 studies. The project also supports travel to Washington, D.C. for the Project Director's meeting.

1.Site (ND)$1,350
2.Sites out-of-state1,800
3.Washington Project Director Meeting2,400
4.Per Diem ( D.C.-2 people for 5 days @ $150/day; 2 people
for 25 trips@ $20/day for recruiting and training; 2 people
for 25 trips @ $20/day for Wave 2; 2 people for 25 trips
@ $25/day in Louisiana)4,750
Total Travel$10,300

1.Three classroom workstations @ $1,500 each$4,500
2.Three captionists workstations @ $1,500 each4,500
3.Three microphone mixing systems @ $1,500 each4,500
Total Equipment$13,500

1.Training materials$150
2.Office supplies and promotional materials690
Total Supplies$840

Project Trans Tech (#H158Q970005-99) has developed a data entry system that allows students and adults with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities to enter data for distance employers. The project will contract with one of the Trans Tech's corporate partners to have RROCS' data entered by their employees with disabilities. Faculty at Louisiana State University will conduct the Wave 2 studies described in the project narrative.

1.Printing and copying$485
2.Contract - Trans Tech1,400
3.Contract - Louisiana State University6,000
4.Consultant Analysis500
5.Computer software2,000
7.Phone costs265
Total Other$10,957

Total Direct Costs$154,730
Total Indirect Costs @ 40% of salary and benefits45,270
Total Project Costs$200,000