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College of Business


Application Deadline: February 15
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2014-15 Scholarship Recipients

Aas Family Scholarship:
Anna Barlet
Paige Phillips
Cameron Stone

Accounting Scholarship:
KateLynn Albers
Lindsee Kjos
Tyler Reiner
Addie Weeks

American Bank Center Scholarship:
Katelyn Backes
Nathan Brandt
Trey Jacobson
Matt Yale

Baldwin and Shirley Martz Scholarship:
KateLynn Albers
Nathan Beckman
Shadreck Chiweshe
Thomas Konchan
Bradley Olynyk
Andrea Purseglove

Ben and Theresa Wald Scholarship:
Ashley Wahek
Kelly Wolf
Daniel Yale

Brady, Martz, & Associates, P.C. Scholarship:
Cameron McBeth

Bremer Bank Scholarship:
Rikard Lundin

Bruce & Diane Walker Scholarship:
Kouadjo N’kentia Bini
Courtney Holman
Kelsey MacNaughton

College of Business Scholarship:
Meggan Larsen
David Obim
Temur Rajabov
Liva Rovig

Dale D. Atwood Scholarship:
Nicholas Liebel

David and Dolly Gowan Scholarship:
Danielle Foster
Nicholas Liebel

Don Barber Scholarship:
Courtney Holman

Doris Slaaten Scholarship:
Tess Foley

Eide Bailley LLP Scholarship:
Tiffany Morris

First International Bank and Trust Scholarship:
Jessica Hoffer

First Western Bank and Trust Scholarship:
Jacob Merck

Integrity Viking Mutual Scholarship:
Chasen Dobranski
Mitchell Ingerson

Jan Barlow Scholarship:
Courtney Holman

J. Bernard Busse Scholarship:
Nicholas Liebel

Lee Badertscher Memorial:
Taylor Kurtz

Luther Hanson and Diann Witham Hanson Scholarship:
Callie Cook

John and Leslie Coughlin Scholarship:
Geoffrey Adeti
Ramesh Chalise
Temur Tajabov
Adam Randall

Magic City Networking Group:
Douglas Rolfson

Mary Marley Memorial Scholarship:
Lloyd Prock

National Business Education Association 2012 Award of Merit:
Mallory Brodal

Ove Jorgensen Scholarship:
Rachel Alfaro
Nate Beckman
Kaitlyn Dahlberg
Sulaimon Hasson
Carole Kanga
Garret Klein
Jen Ng
Andrea Purseglove
Maxim Sementsov
Jacques Stanley
Addie Weeks

Pat and Mary Kay Jones Scholarship:
Harmony Bickell
Richard Castillo
Courtney Klein
Layne Pfliiger

Pearl Stusrud Memorial:
Lloyd Prock

Peoples State Bank Scholarship:
Kristina Anderson

R.D. Koppenhaver Foundation:
Erin Berg

Richard Schlapman Memorial:
Courtney Klein

Robert and Ilze Sando Scholarship:
Shadreck Chiweshe
Jesse Goertzen
Meggan Larsen
Matt Yale

Roger Mergenthal Scholarship:
Liva Rovig

United Community Bank Scholarship:
Kersten Brown

Wells Fargo Scholarship:
Ashish Acharya
Cassidy Owens

The MSU College of Business offers a number of scholarships each academic year which vary in amount from approximately $500 to $1000 each. Applications are accepted each spring term with a February 15 deadline for submission. Recipients are typically notified of their award for the upcoming academic year by May and receive in the fall and in the spring. To be eligible for these scholarships, a student must be enrolled full-time at MSU with a declared business major. Additional criteria vary by scholarship and are listed below.


Aas Family Scholarship

Adelaide & Eleanor Johnson Scholarship

American Bank Center Scholarship

Baldwin and Shirley Martz Scholarship

Ben & Theresa Wald Scholarship

Brady Martz & Associates PC

Bremer Bank Scholarship

Bruce & Diane Walker Scholarship

Dacotah Bank Scholarship

Dale D. Atwood Memorial Scholarship

David & Dolly Gowan Scholarship

Don L. Barber Memorial Scholarship

Doris A. Slaaten Scholarship

Enbridge Scholarship

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

E. James McIntyre Scholarship

First International Bank & Trust Scholarship

First Western Bank & Trust Scholarship

Integrity Viking Funds Business Scholarship

J. Bernard Busse Memorial Scholarship

Jan Barlow Scholarship

Janis Ann Dislevy Scholarship

John and Leslie Coughlin Scholarship

Leadership Scholarship

Lee Badertscher Memorial Scholarship

Luther Hanson & Diann Witham Hanson Scholarship

Magic City Networking Group Scholarship

Mary Buchwitz/Quandt Scholarship

Mary Marley Memorial Scholarship

Mel Hoover and Spencer Hoover Scholarship

Ove Jorgensen Scholarship

Pat & Mary Kay Jones Scholarship

Pearl Stusrud Memorial Scholarship

Peoples State BankScholarship

R.D. Koppenhaver Award

Dr. Richard Schlapman Scholarship

Richard L. Muus Scholarship

Robert and Ilze Sando Scholarship

Robert Torgerson Scholarship

Roger Mergenthal Scholarship

United Community Bank Scholarship

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Note: Students are advised to also apply for scholarships awarded by the Financial Aid Office (applications can be found on the Financial Aid Office web site). In addition, the Alumni Association offers scholarships for which there are special criteria and a separate application form available at their web site.