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College of Business


Bachelor of Science with a Major in Finance
Finance Minor
Personal Finance Concentration (for non-business majors)

Bachelor of Science with a major in Finance (120 cr)
The finance major prepares students for a wide variety of careers in business and government, including corporate financial management, financial analysis, financial institutions, entrepreneurship, investments, real estate, financial planning, and international business. It provides students with knowledge and decision-making skills for acquiring, investing, and managing capital. The concepts, methods, and techniques equip the students with a thorough understanding of the financial process in order to add value to any organization.

* Six credits of approved Diversity courses are required for graduation.

General Education (38 cr)

College of Business Core Requirements (40 cr)

*These courses can be taken as a part of the General Education requirement.

Courses required for Finance Major (33 cr)

Electives (To Meet 120 sh graduation requirement)

Finance Minor (21 cr )

Personal Finance Concentration
(for non-business majors) (12 cr)