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College of Business


Bachelor of Science with a Major in Accounting
Accounting Minor
Fraud Examination Minor
Accounting Concentration

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Accounting (120 cr)
The accounting major is designed to provide a basic level of expertise in accounting theory and practice. The student has the opportunity to complete additional courses in fraud examination, cost accounting, business law, auditing, not-for-profit accounting, and accounting information systems. The student may elect courses in anticipation of sitting for various professional examinations in the field of accounting or to provide additional background for a specific career track. Internships are also available to provide practical experience in diverse accounting fields.

North Dakota law requires persons sitting for the CPA professional examination to have completed 150 semester hours of college education, which includes a baccalaureate degree. Students interested in becoming CPAs should be prepared to extend their programs of study by at least 22 semester hours at the undergraduate or graduate levels to meet this requirement.

* Six credits of approved Diversity courses are required for graduation.

General Education (38 cr)

College of Business Core Requirements (40 cr)

*These courses may be taken as a part of the General Education requirement.

Accounting Courses (41 cr)

Electives (To meet the 120 sh graduation requirement)

Accounting Minor (21 cr)

Fraud Examination Minor (24 cr)

Accounting Concentration (12 cr)