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Broadcasting Program

Public Service

Minot State University and the Broadcasting Department are proud to serve their community by posting community events and Public Service Announcements over the KMSU Channel 19 TV Station.

Do you want to have your event or announcement aired on the Channel 19 Station? This is how:

How to put a Public Service Announcement on KMSU-TV Channel 19
If you have a PSA you wish to run on our scroll, simply write your message on a post card or a piece of paper to mail or fax. Email: Write it in a manner you want it to appear on television. There are eight lines available on a page and at most 32 characters per line. We cannot discuss dollar amounts for "for sale" advertisements on this channel. These are intended to be community announcements, not for profit. PSA's can be emailied to:

How to put a program on KMSU-TV
Do you have a program that you wish to appear on the KMSU TV Channel? Here is the criteria your content must meet.

You can mail your taped program to us at the address below or stop by the MSU Broadcasting Department and drop it off, located on the East Wing in Hartnett Hall. We have formats of VHS and S-VHS available for playback. We are currently airing programs from 2-4 PM and 6:30-8:30 PM Monday through Friday. Depending on demand, of our 20 hours per week schedule, we cannot promise to air every program we receive. Here are a few guidelines we use as to whether or not to play a particular program:

Here's our mailing address:
      c/o MSU Broadcast Department
      Minot State University
      500 University Ave. West
      Minot, ND 58707
      FAX: (701) 858-4268