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College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Communication Arts Department


Communication Arts Department Goals and Outcomes
The MSU Communication Arts Department subscribes to the behavioral goals established for speech communication by the joint task force created by the American Theatre Association and the Speech Communication Association. Briefly, those goals are:

The goals established by the ATA/SCA govern a basic approach to teaching speech, theatre, and broadcasting and depend on the basic principles of our theme—select, arrange, perform.

Communication Arts/Broadcasting majors are required to attend all student and faculty recitals, attend all mainstage productions, and participate in the faculty-student evaluation sessions designated by the faculty. Communication Arts/ Broadcasting majors are required to present a senior recital. (Enrollment in COMM 392, Junior Project and COMM 492, Senior Project, is required). Communication Arts minors are required to present a junior recital, COMM 392.

Department Programs: