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Alumni and Donors

MSU Giving Day – April 11th!

What is MSU Giving Day?
Giving Day, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, is Minot State University's first-ever one-day fundraising event. The goal is simple: to inspire people everywhere to come together, demonstrate their pride for MSU by making a gift of any size while providing essential resources for generations of MSU students.

From midnight through 11:59 p.m. on April 11, we invite the entire Minot State community to make their impact. Featured college/department fundraising projects paired with matching funds, a strong social media presence and real-time updates, will assist in our goal of reaching new donors and encouraging gifts of any size.

Matching Funds
Thanks to a pool of $50,000 in matching funds, gifts can have double the impact. $25,000 has been earmarked for gifts made to endowments, while an additional $25,000 will be designated for specific department projects. Gifts under a $1000 will be matched dollar for dollar! Gifts to the Dome Buy-A-Seat Campaign do not qualify for matching funds.

How can I make my gift?
Making a gift is easy. You can log on to on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 anytime from midnight CDT until 11:59 CDT.

You can make a gift to support the University's greatest priorities and opportunities, including scholarships, or you can make a gift in support of a specific college or program of choice. When you do so, you could also earn MATCHING FUNDS to support it. Then, share your experience! Post about it on social media. Email it. Encourage your friends to match your gift. Encouraging others to participate guarantees success.

I don't see my preferred gift designation. What should I do?
Under fund designation select "other" and enter the fund name where you would like your gift to be designated. We can also assist you by telephone at 701-858-4158.  

Is there a minimum gift amount?
Minot State University is accepting gifts of $5 or more during Giving Day.

How can I get involved and spread the word?
Please post about MSU Giving Day on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MSUGivingDay and share Minot State University Foundation and Minot State University posts. A social media toolkit is also available.

Is my Giving Day contribution tax-deductible?
Yes, your gift is entirely tax-deductible. The MSU Development Foundation is an independent, tax exempt, 501(c ) (3) charitable organization.  Your official gift receipt for tax purposes will be mailed.

Need help?
If you have questions about making your gift, please contact the MSU Foundation at 701-858-4158.