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Academic Hall of Fame


Academic Hall of Fame Nomination and Induction Timeline:

  • Active solicitation of nominations begins in January, with a submission deadline of April 1.
  • Members of the Academic Hall of Fame Committee (AHFC) who may be contacted for additional information include: Dean Frantsvog (, 858.3324); Dr. Terry Eckmann (, 858.3155); or Dr. Eric Furuseth, Chair (, 701.858.3369).
  • The AHFC will receive nomination packets from on and off campus at the following address:
          Academic Hall of Fame Committee
          Attn: Dr. Eric Furuseth
          Div. of Humanities
          Minot State University
          500 University Avenue West
          Minot, ND 58703
  • The AHFC reviews nominations immediately after the April 1st deadline.
  • The AHFC recommends a maximum of five finalists to the Faculty Senate, and will send letters to the five finalists, to make them aware they are being considered.
  • Final selections for induction into the MSU Academic Hall of Fame will be made by the Faculty Senate at their first April meeting.
  • Inductees will receive letters inviting them to an honor ceremony on the MSU campus immediately following the Senate decision.
  • Inductee information will be added to a permanent Academic Hall of Fame display on campus.