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Academic Hall of Fame


The Academic Hall of Fame Committee at Minot State University solicits nominations beginning in January each year for April inductee awards. Induction into the Academic Hall of Fame honors meritorious service in an academic discipline and highlights the accomplishments of our most distinguished alumni. Nominations may be made by any individual or organization, either within Minot State University or from the community at large. Nominees must be MSU alumni who completed a significant portion of their education at MSU, and who have gone on to complete an advanced degree and made a substantial contribution to the advancement of their field of study. Nominations must include a letter of support from the academic Division/Department at Minot State University. The deadline for nominee submissions is early March. Submissions are first reviewed by the Academic Hall of Fame Committee; then inductees are chosen from five finalists by the Faculty Senate in April. The AHFC will receive nomination packets from on and off campus via electronically to or at the following physical address:

Academic Hall of Fame Committee
Attn: M° Efraín Amaya, Chair
Div. of Music
Minot State University
500 University Avenue West
Minot, ND 58707