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Academic Advising


Academic Calendar
Students should view the Academic Calendar for a listing of academic dates and deadlines each semester. Students are responsible for knowing and meeting these dates and deadlines. If students have questions regarding the dates and deadlines on this calendar, they should contact their academic advisor and/or the Registrarís Office.

Academic Catalog
The current Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalogs, along with several catalogs from previous years, are found here. Students continue in the same Academic Catalog they started in when entering the University; however, when a new catalog is implemented students have the option of meeting graduation requirements from the new catalog.

Academic Standing
All student records are reviewed at the end of each term. If the cumulative grade point average (Cum GPA) falls below the required minimum, as noted in the following table, the student is placed on academic warning, academic probation, or may be suspended, depending on prior academic history.

Students are responsible for understanding the Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension Policy, which can be viewed on in the online Undergraduate Catalog.

Assigning Advisors
After new students attend CONNECT/Orientation and register for classes, they are assigned to a faculty advisor within their intended program of study. When students elect to change their major/minor, a new advisor will be signed once the online Major Change Form has been submitted (see below for more information on Changing Major). If at any time students would like to change their advisor, they may contact the department overseeing their intended major/minor.

Attendance Policy
Students should familiarize themselves with the Class Attendance Policy found in the online Undergraduate Catalog. Students are expected to attend all class sessions of any course for which they are registered. Students who know they will be absent from any class should contact the instructor in advance.

Changing Major
When students change their major(s)/minor(s), they must complete an online Major Change Form. Students will receive an e-mail notification to their MSU e-mail account once the change has been processed and students are responsible for checking their CampusConnection account for their updated advisor information.

Withdrawal from the University/Late Withdrawal
Students who are planning on withdrawing from the University must complete a Withdrawal Form either at the Financial Aid Office or online. Students should view further information in the online Undergraduate Catalog regarding a withdrawal and procedures for a late withdrawal.