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Academic Advising

English & Math Placement Guidelines/What you Should know about Developmental Courses

The State Board of Higher Education has implemented a new policy under Academic Affairs regarding Admission Policies – Student Placement into College Courses (policy 401.1.2).  Two sections of this policy impact Mathematics and English requirements for new students entering Fall 2012. Every new and returning student taking ENGL 110 and MATH 103/104/210/201H must meet the prerequisite for each course. CURRENT STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO MEET THESE NEW REQUIREMENTS AND SHOULD FOLLOW PREVIOUS PLACEMENT GUIDELINES.

English Placement Guidelines [pdf]

ACT English

SAT Writing

Required Course(s)

13 or less

Less than 430

ASC 87 (taken through DCB)



ASC 88 and ENGL 110 (ASC taken through DCB)


430 or higher

ENGL 110


Math Placement Guidelines [pdf]

ACT Math

SAT Math

Required Course(s)

17 or less

Less than 400

ASC 94 (taken through DCB)


400 - 510

ASC 93 (taken through MSU)


520 or higher

Refer to Math Placement Guidelines Chart

What you should know about developmental courses – ASC 87, 88, 94 & 93:

The COMPASS exam will be used to place students who have not taken the ACT or SAT into the appropriate Mathematics and English courses.  The COMPASS exam will also be used for students who have taken the ACT or SAT and wish to improve their placement scores to enroll in a higher level than their test scores permit.  Students should contact the MSU Testing Center at 858-3990 or visit  to find more information regarding the COMPASS exam.