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Academic Advising
2010-11 Advisor Workshop Presentations


September 15, 2010 - What is Developmental Advising?


October 1, 2010 - Using the Electronic Degree Audit in CampusConnection


October 15, 2010 - Advising Student Athletes


November 1, 2010 - What Advisors Should Know When Working With International Students


November 15, 2010 - Working With Students Facing Mental Health Challenges


December 1, 2010 - Enhancing Communication With Your Advisees


January 25, 2011 - Three Offices That Can Support You and Your Advisees

Attend this workshop to learn about a few of the changes on campus including the most recent addition of TRiO Student Support Services, the reorganized Student Success Center (SSC), and the newly formed Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning (CETL).  This is your chance to meet the staff of these three offices and learn about the services they provide to support students.  Understanding the focus of these offices is one way you can provide your students with the services and support they may need!

Presenters: Staff from SSC, TRiO, and CETL
Three Offices That Can Support You and Your Advisees Presentation


February 14, 2011 - What Advisors Should Know About Study Abroad Opportunities

Have you ever had an advisee who has been interested in studying abroad?  Are you familiar with the study abroad opportunities for students?  Come learn strategies on how you can better inform your advisees who are interested in participating in a study abroad program.

Presenter: Kemerly Moorhouse, Education Abroad Coordinator


March 8, 2011 - Tips for Advising Transfer Students

Working with transfer students can sometimes be a challenge; however, this population of students continues to grow so we need to find ways to best serve these students!   Understanding the process of transferring credits to MSU, the process of submitting course equivalencies and course substitutions, the limitations of transfer credits, how AP and CLEP credit applies to a student’s record, and much more will be discussed in this informational workshop.  Come share your struggles and challenges when working with transfer students, so you can receive the support you need to provide transfer students with the best information and advice!

Presenter: Deborah Kinzell, Transfer Student Specialist


April 7, 2011 - Understanding the Needs of Veteran Students and the GI Bill

The number of veteran students at MSU is growing and it is anticipated that this population will continue to increase.  With our changing student body, it is important for advisors to understand the needs of all students and determine how we can best serve our population of veteran students.  This workshop will allow advisors to learn about VA Education Benefits such as the GI Bill.

Presenter: Laurie Weber, Financial Aid Assistant Director
Understanding the Needs of Veteran Students and the GI Bill Presentation


April 27, 2011 - Your Role in MSU’s Early Alert Program

The Early Alert Program was developed as a retention tool to improve students’ persistence and promote survival skills. While faculty, administrators, and student affairs professionals all serve as student advocates and play an integral part in student retention, advisors are typically in the best position to assist students. This workshop will introduce you to Intrusive Advising strategies that will be well worth the extra time and effort to have a noticeable impact on student performance.

Presenter: Lynda Bertsch, Student Success Center Director