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Academic Advising

Academic Progress
University-wide minimum academic progress requirements
(individual colleges or departments may have higher requirements)
are based on the set of minimum grade averages printed
below. The minimum grade average requirement is raised
progressively in order to help students meet the minimum
requirements for graduation.

Satisfactory Progress Requirements
Semester Credits Attempted/Required cum GPA
60 or more/2.00

All student records are reviewed at the completion of each term
throughout the year. Should the cumulative grade point average
(cum GPA) fall below the required minimum, as noted in
the table above, the student is placed on academic warning,
academic probation, or may be suspended, depending on prior
academic history.

Academic Warning
The first time a student’s end-of-term grades bring the cum
GPA below the required minimum, a warning shall be issued
from the Registrar’s Office notifying the student that he/she
has been placed on Academic Warning. A notation of “Academic
Warning” is added to the student’s permanent record.

Academic Probation
The student on Academic Warning is given another term of
enrollment to bring the cum GPA up to at least the required
minimum. Failing that effort, the student is moved from a
status of Academic Warning to one of Academic Probation.
A notation of “Academic Probation” is added to the student’s
permanent record/transcript.

Exception: The student who has earned a Term GPA of at least
2.0 will be extended yet another Probationary term in which to
attempt to raise the cum GPA to at least the required minimum.
A notation of “Continued Probation” is added to the student’s
permanent record/transcript.

Academic Suspension
If a student on Academic Probation (cum GPA is below the
required minimum) earns below a term GPA of 2.0, he/she will
be placed on Academic Suspension. A notation of “Academic
Suspension” is added to the student’s permanent record and
official transcript.

A first suspension requires that the student sit out for the next
fall or spring semester. The student may then be readmitted on
Academic Probation to attempt again to bring the cum GPA
to at least the required minimum. Once again, if the student
falls below a 2.00 Term GPA, a second Academic Suspension
will be issued and the student will have to sit out for both a fall
and spring term.

Summer Term
Students on Academic Suspension may choose to enroll in the
Summer Session at MSU in an effort to bring their cum GPA
up to the required minimum.

Suspension Appeals Committee
Students suspended from the University may petition for a
one-term extension of probationary status if they feel their
case warrants special consideration. Appeals must be made in
writing to the Registrar’s Office. Circumstances beyond the
student’s control and a plan for improved performance must be
evidenced before reinstatement will be considered. If the appeal
is granted, the student will be conditionally readmitted with the
statement “Academic Suspension/Reinstated” recorded on the
permanent record/transcript.