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Academic Advising

Academic Advisor Handbook [pdf]

Welcome/Table of Contents [pdf]

Section I: Introduction to Advising[pdf]
      Purpose of Academic Advising Handbook
      MSU Advising Mission Statement
      MSU Definition of Advising
      Advising Outcomes
      Responsibilities of Advisee and Advisor

Section II: Advising Structure [pdf]
      Advising Models: Colleges
           College of Arts & Sciences
           College of Business
           College of Education & Health Sciences
      Advising Models: Specialized Programs
           Distance Education
           Enhanced Success Program
           Honors Program
           POWER Program

Section III: Fundamentals of Advising [pdf]
      Characteristics of a Good Advisor
      Do's of Academic Advising
      Do Not's of Academic Advising
      Ethical Principles for Advising
      FERPA Quiz
      Limitations of Advising
      Positive Approaches to Advising
      Types of Advising
           Prescriptive Advising
           Developmental Advising
           Intrusive Advising
      When an Academic Advisor Should be Concerned

Section IV: Resource Materials [pdf]
      Academic Advising File
      Academic Advising Meeting
      Academic Advising Sample Visit Questions
      Advisor Skills
      Advisor Development
      Assigning and Changing Advisors
           Advisor Center
           Placing and Removing Holds
      Campus Services/Resources
      National Academic Advising Association

Section V: Advising Specific Student Populations [pdf]
      Adult Learners
      At Risk Students
      Double Degrees, Second Degrees, & Double Majors
      Extended Learning/Distance Education
      Honors Program Students
      International Students
      New Students
      Student Athletes
      Students with Disabilities
      Undeclared Students
      Veteran Students
      Suggested First Year Program for Undeclared Student
      Major Exploration Guide

Section VI: Academic Information [pdf]
      ACT/SAT Conversion Chart
      Academic Appeals
      Academic Calendar
      Academic Catalog
      Academic Honors
      Academic Standing Policy
      Auditing a Course
      Calculating Grade Point Average
      Classification of Students
      Collaborative Process/Students
      CLEP Testing
      Degree/Graduation Requirements
      Developmental Courses
      Early Alert Program
      Financial Aid
      Foreign Language Placement Guidelines
      Independent Study
      Mathematics Placement Guide
      Midterm Deficiencies
      Music Ensembles
      Policy on Incomplete Grades
      Policy on Repeating Courses
      Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading

Section VII: Advising Forms [pdf]
      Application for Graduation
      Application for Re-Admission
      Course Equivalency Form
      Course Substitution Form
      Grade Appeals Form
      Late Course Drop Request
      Major/Minor Change Form
      Overload Approval
      Petition to Add
      Withdrawal Procedures/Form

References [pdf]