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Academic Affairs

Change of Course / New Course Request
Please review instructions prior to completing the forms below.

A printed original official signature form above needs to be delivered to the Curriculum Committee Chairperson and a copy to the Registrar’s Office 10 instructional days before the meeting in which the proposal will be presented.

This form is the official form that will remain on file in the Registrar’s Office. This original copy will contain the required signatures. It is suggested that you also make a copy of the original for your records. The progress of the proposals will be tracked at the Program/Course Status List on the Registrar’s Office site.

Hints for filling out the form:

Complete the forms below and save to your computer. Distribution to committee members/faculty senators must be done by email, email groups are available below (excluding the original signature form).

Official Signature Form Print original signature form. Original must be sent to Chairperson and copied to the Registrar’s Office.

Summary Form Email completed forms to all committee members/faculty senators.

Select the appropriate group to submit forms via email: