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Academic Affairs

Academic Assessment Committee

Committee Chair Person
Jean Francois Mondon (15)

Committe Members

Non-Voting Members
Lenore M. Koczon, Vice President for Academic Affairs (non-voting member)
Neil Nordquist, Dean's Council Representative (non-voting member)

Faculty Elected At-Large (2 members)  
Jean Francois Mondon (15)
Joseph Krieg (17)

Faculty Elected by College (4 members)

College of Arts and Science
Kathryn Kilroy (16)
Jacob Sowers (15) replacing Ziegler

College of Business
Tom Seymour (16)

College of Education and Health Sciences
T.Erik Kana (17)

Student Rep:
Stephanie Brock & Acacia Doktorchik


Committee Duties:

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