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Academic Affairs

Faculty Rights Committee
Five tenured faculty elected at-large.
Members cannot serve concurrenlty on Promotion or Tenure Committee.

Chair:  Alexandra Deufel

Committee Members
Alexandra Deufel (15)
Harold Nelson (15)
Joseph Jastrzembski (16)
Larry Chu (16)                 
Leisa Harmon (17)

M. Faculty Rights Committee

1. Membership
Five faculty members elected at large. Members of this committee must be tenured. No member of this committee may concurrently serve on the Promotion Committee, Tenure Committee or the Committee for Peer Review of Teaching.
2. Method of selection
The members shall be elected at the Annual Elections.
3. Term
Faculty members shall serve three-year staggered terms.
4. Method for filling a vacancy
The President of the Senate, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint a faculty member to fill the vacancy until the next Annual Election.
5. Duties
The Faculty Rights Committee is charged with dispute resolution in two areas, referred to in Article VIII of these Bylaws.
a) The Faculty Rights Committee holds formal hearings in the case of the imposition of a sanction, as well as non-renewal, termination or dismissal of faculty. The committee is to review allegations that the institution failed to comply with applicable policies or gave the decision inadequate consideration, or that the non-renewal decision violated (a) academic freedom, (b) rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution, or (c) terms of the employment contract or other written agreement. The allegation must be supported by a specification of reasons why the decision violated these rights and a summary of the evidence supporting the allegation(s). (SBHE Sections 605.3 and 605.4)
b) The Faculty Rights Committee will investigate cases of allegations of violation of a specific State Board or institutional policy, procedure or practice pertaining to the employment relationship following unsuccessful mandatory mediation (SBHE Section 605.5). This includes allegations of such violations of policy, procedure or practice with regards to the terms of a faculty member’s contract, with the exception of discretionary actions, such as salary adjustments and performance evaluations, unless the discretionary action was not made in accordance with relevant State Board or institutional policies, practices, procedures or criteria or the action constituted a clear abuse of discretion. The Faculty Rights Committee makes recommendations to the University President concerning the matter. (SBHE Section 612)
6. Additional Duties
In the event that the President of the University suspends or overrules an action of the Senate, this committee shall meet with the University President (or designate) in an effort to reach agreement. The committee shall report its recommendations to the Senate.
The Faculty Rights Committee will address appeals of faculty evaluations following the procedures outlined in Article IV Section 2D.
The Faculty Rights Committee will address appeals of faculty salary administration following the procedures outlined in Article VII Section 3.


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