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Academic Affairs

Faculty Research Committee

Call for 2015-2016 Small Grant Proposals [pdf]

Files [opens separate browser]
Blank Grant Evaluation Sheet [pdf]
Proposal Outline [pdf]
Budget Template [xls]

Research & Sponsored Programs
Small Grant Recipients List

Research Poster Session
2011 Abstract Book [pdf]

Dean of the Graduate School and the Office of
Research & Sponsored Programs
- Neil Nordquist and Lenore Koczon

Six Faculty Elected by Colleges

Co-Chairs: Shirley Cole-Harding and Ann Beste-Guldborg

College of Arts & Sciences
Harry Hoffman (15)
Narayan Thapa (16)
Mikhail Bobylev (17)

College of Business
Deanna Klien (16)

College of Education and Health Sciences

Ann Beste-Guldborg (15) 
Shirley Cole-Harding (17)

(updated 9/25/2014 - cds)