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Academic Affairs

Curriculum Committee

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Curriculum Forms
CC Course Form 2012    


CC Program Form 2012   



2013-14 Committee meeting dates

Committee meets from 12:30-2pm in the Jones Room unless otherwise indicated.


Meeting Documents
Going forward, documents for future meetings will be posted on the MSU Sharepoint Server. Access will require use of your normal campus login (firstname.lastname) and password.
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Chairman:  John Webster

Non-voting, ex officio:
Rebecca Porter, Registrar

Voting member, ex-officio:
Stephen Banister, Director of the Library

3 at large faculty:
John Webster (15) Chair
Andrea Donovan (16)
Orlene Schroeder (14)

10 faculty elected by college:

4 Arts and Science:
Jean-Francois Mondon (14)
Jynette Larshus (14)
Jacob Sower (15)
Carlen Gilseth (16)

2 Business:
Linda Cresap (15)
Sharon Reynolds (16)

4 Education and Health Sciences:
Dianne Maupin (14)
Jodi Connell (15)
Jennifer Heftner (15)
Susan Peterson (16)

         3 students
            Leif Larson, Tyler Flatland, Hanna Borner





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