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Diversity Requirements for Graduation
Effective 2008, diversity courses are required for all first year, returning, and transfer students.

Curricular Diversity and Campus Climate Committee (CDCCC) –This committee consists of faculty and students members who approve diversity requirement courses and assess the effectiveness of the diversity requirement in the curriculum.

Diversity Definition
Minot State University embraces a broad concept of diversity, which can be seen as variances in ethnicity, age, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation, and/or geographic area. MSU also believes that diversity is an evolving concept that engages viewpoints, perspectives, values, religious beliefs, and backgrounds of the global community. The MSU community values a spirit of inclusivity.

MSU Curricular Diversity Requirements
Each student at Minot State University will be required to complete six (6) credits of designated diversity courses. Three (3) of these credits fulfill the General Education requirement, while three (3) fulfill the graduation requirement. Only courses that have been officially designated by the Curricular Diversity and Campus Climate Committee (CDCCC) will satisfy these requirements.

Diversity Requirement: General Education
Each student at Minot State University will be required to dedicate three (3) credits within their General Education curriculum to a diversity class. These courses, which are already part of the MSU General Education program, will be certified by the CDCCC and designated as fulfilling both requirements.

ART 210 Art History I
ENGL 232 Mythology
ENGL 241 World Literature I
ENGL 242 World Literature II
GEOG 161 World Regional
HIST 211 World Civilizations to 1500
HIST 212 World Civilizations Since 1500
HIST 215H Modern World Origins
LANG 105 Writing Systems
MUSC 201 World Music
MUSC 205 History of US Through Music
MUSC 207 History of Pop and Rock Music
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 200H Idea of Society
SOC 210 Introduction to Anthropology
SPED 234H Disability and Society
SWK 256 Development of Social Welfare

(updated 3/12/2014)

Diversity Requirement: Graduation
Each student at Minot State University will be required to complete three (3) credits from a pool of designated diversity courses beyond their General Education program. These courses will be approved by the CDCCC. These credits do not count towards General Education requirements and must be completed separately.

ART 212 Non-Western Art History
ART 219 Native American Art
ART 496 Study Tour
ENGL 236 Women and Literature
ENGL 265 Native American Literatures
ENGL 339 African Literature
ENGL 341 World Drama
ENGL 383 African American Literature
BADM 409 International Businesses
BADM 427 International Marketing
BADM 437 International Culture & Management
BIOL 310 Pharmaceutical Ethno botany
CJ 362 Women in the Criminal Justice System
COMM 413 Gender Communications
CSCI 331 Social Implications
ED 470 Teaching Diverse Learners
GEOG 261 Countries and Cultures
GS 225 Intro to Gender/Women's Studies
HIST 206 Islam and the Muslim World
HIST 231 Latin American History Survey
HIST 240 African History Survey
HIST 261 American Indian History
HIST 315 History of American Women
HIST 336 African American History
HIST 337 Imperialism in Asia
HMS 333 Transcultural Health Care
HUM 394 Independent Study
HUM 496 Study Tour
HON 395H Global Citizenship and Service
SOC 201 Social Problems
SOC 280 Social Movements and Human Rights
SOC 363 Sociology of Gender
SOC 374 Cultural Studies
SPED 101 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
SPED 110 Introduction to Exceptional Children
SS 283 Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in America
SWK 401Contemporary Issues with Native American Families
SWK 402 Native American Children & Adolescents
THEA 450 Contemporary Drama

(updated 3/12/2014)

Diversity Requirements: Special Circumstances
Returning students are expected to meet the requirements under the catalogue for which they most recently enrolled at Minot State University. Students who have successfully completed a course prior to that course being approved at Minot State University as diverse, will have fulfilled the diversity requirements.

Transfer students who have successfully completed a course from another institution that is approved at Minot State University as diverse, will have fulfilled the diversity requirements if credits have been approved as equivalent by the department. If a course is not approved as equivalent by a department or not offered at Minot State University, the student may submit to the CDCCC for approval using the appropriate form. The student’s advisor can submit the form to the Registrar on behalf of the student when appropriate (click here for transfer request form). (Updated 8/3/11)

All other special circumstances can be reviewed by the CDCCC.