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Academic Affairs

Advanced Study Awards

This program provides financial assistance to those faculty or staff pursuing course work for degree programs or in skill areas deemed critical to the University. Funding can assist with book expenses and/or tuition.

Applications are reviewed and determined by Presidents Staff. Minot State University’s Advance Study Grant awards are determined through an examination of the nature of the course/degree as it aligns with the institution’s mission. Preference will be given to areas which conform to the specific needs and strategic plan of Minot State University.

Advanced Study Grants Application

*** Application Deadline is October 14, 2016 ***

Congratulations to the 2015-16 Advanced Study Grant Recipients

Name Dept. 
Aili Smith Humanities
Artresa Y Mays BADM
Ashley Guy TEHP
Baljit Pannu Nusing
Carla Davis CEL
Christina Paxman Humanities
Devin McCall Resident Life
Elizabeth Odahlen CETL
Erica Hilde Enrollment Serv
Heidi Peterson Nursing
James Fusik Music
Jamie Hammer Nursing
Janet Gerken Nursing
Jeanne MacDonald BADM
Joseph Engler AS/Psy/SW
Linda Conn ITC
Lisa Dooley Title IX
Megan Fixen Badm
Nicole Thom-Arens Humanities
Patrick Schwab TEHP
Paul Cristofaro Humanities
Ryan Stander Art


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