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Academic Affairs

General Education Ad Hoc Committee 

Instituted in February 2008 by the MSU Faculty Senate. 

The purpose of the committee is to conduct a thorough general education review, explore options for change, and report back to the campus the findings.  Members are strictly volunteer and will serve during the current academic year, unless otherwise appointed by the Faculty Senate.

Committee Members
Erik Anderson
Kristi Berg
Lisa Borden-King
Conrad Davidson
Alexandra Deufel
Andrea Donovan - Chair
Jane laPlante
Cheryl Nilsen
Beth Odahlen
Dan Ringrose
Shaunanne Tangney
Tiffany Ziegler

Harry Hoffman (Rep from CDCCC) = Non-voting

Students: Nicolette Newcomb and Miranda Lessmeister

Gen Ed Ad Hoc Committee Report

AAC&U MSU Final Report

2009 Recommendations for Review

General Education Reform


Meeting Minutes
Updated 10/6/2013 - CDS