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2013 Centennial

Invitation to Faculty

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to invite you and your students to attend and participate in an ongoing conversation beginning with the MSU Centennial Symposium scheduled for October 11th and 12th. The symposium is open to all and features topics on MSU's centennial history, immigrants on the Great Plains, and the future of the region. Friday evening, author Ian Frazier will present the keynote address on issues related to his book, Great Plains. His book is a provocative and fascinating study that does not hold back in its discussions of the many issues and challenges that are unique to our region.

We hope you will help your students take advantage of Ian Frazier's talk and the symposium to stimulate discussion of the region's issues, MSU's history, and possibilities for the future. A series of "Centennial Conversations" throughout the year will extend the ideas stimulated by Frazier's lecture and the symposium.

Most immediately, we encourage you to have your students participate in the symposium.

Here are three specific recommendations:

List of possible readings:
Ian Frazier's major writings include Great Plains and On the Rez (on reserve in the GBO Library)

The MSU Bookstore has copies of Great Plains available.

The New Yorker's web site hosts three articles that formed the basis for Great Plains:

Centennial Conversations to Follow Up on Symposium Themes