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2013 Centennial

Former teacher counts her blessings

I am so grateful and feel so lucky to have spent four years at Minot State.

After graduating from Minot High, it seemed like a natural progression to go to college. I enrolled at Minot State and majored in art, with a minor in English.

Back then, Minot State was one building (now called Old Main). All classes were there, except our social activities. There was the delightful Student Union, a fairly small white building where we ate lunch, played bridge, had formal dances and afternoon "Sock Hops." The Student Union is where we felt camaraderie.

After two years, I still had no real goal. I went to my major professor, Eva Hartnett, who suggested elementary art. Me, a teacher? Unlikely! But, I would give it a try. With the guidance of Eva Walker, I taught second grade and several art classes at Model. I found a hidden talent and to my surprise, I loved it!

I married, had two sons and returned to teaching when both boys were in school. My husband recognized how much I missed my profession, so for 27 years I was a wife, a mother and a teacher. It was a great life.

Nancy (Kaeppel) Love '51
Madison, Wis.