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2013 Centennial

An eye-opening experience at Swain

Many of us came from small towns and played basketball in what was then Class 3 groupings. I was one of them, which lead to my first exciting experience visiting Minot State campus (MSTC in those times).

Because of our team's basketball successes in my high school days, Glenburn fathers kicked in funds to permit us to go to a college game in Swain Hall, which was very new back then. As we entered Swain, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the arena. The hardwood floor was polished to a high gloss, highlighted by the massive overhead florescent lighting. It was the most astounding view of a basketball arena I could have ever imagined. We played in many area high school gyms that seriously paled in comparison to this. That visit to Swain Hall was my most memorable forever.

Don Feller '61,
Portland, Ore.