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2013 Centennial

Navy Midshipman sends best wishes

Seeing the announcement of your Centennial celebration brought back some fond memories of Minot Teachers College.

I was one of the Navy contingents that arrived on campus July 1, 1943. There were 310 of us V-12s and V-5s. Minot, as well as over 200 colleges in the U.S., would have closed up shop during the War if the Navy, realizing that they were going to need a huge number of junior officers, had not set up V programs around the country.

When we arrived, there were only a handful of civilian boys on campus, and few girls. I lived in Dakota Hall for one semester and then one more in Pioneer Hall where V-5 preflight students also stayed. The mess hall was on the first deck of Pioneer Hall. In addition to Navy training, we took a full load of liberal arts courses.

I went on to Midshipmen's school and was commissioned at Fort Schuyler, New York, after leaving Minot. The folks in Minot were very friendly and generous, helping make our first home away from home as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances.

I can't physically participate in your celebration, but send best wishes to all who attend.

Charles Engh
Chanhassen, Minn.