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2013 Centennial

Fond football memories

I finished my undergrad studies fall quarter 1949 and was given my diploma the following spring. I am not sure whether I am a '49 or '50 graduate. I moved to California in 1950 and worked for the Douglas Aircraft Co. as an engineer for 35 years. I retired in 1990 as a senior engineer/scientist. I still carry my Alumni Association card in my wallet.

In the fall of '49, we had a pretty fair football team; the quarterback was Ev Faunce. He was a part of the V-12 program, even though World War II had ended. He later played for the University of Minnesota.

The football and basketball coach was W.D. "Doc" Allen. Doc was large, about 6-foot-3, and weighed at least 250 pounds, so he was rather "rotund."

During a high school football game, he was the head linesman, and I worked the down marker. He had to measure for a first down, and, as luck would have it, the team did not make the first down. This required that the head linesman grip the chain at the exact spot so the sticks went down in the exact spot on the sideline, in case it was measured again. As "Doc" ran back to the sideline, a couple of things happened simultaneously: his baseball cap, which must have been a little too large, started to blow off at the same time his pants started to fall down. They almost fell to his knees before he reached the sideline. Here was his dilemma: grab for his hat, grab for his pants or drop the chain. He made it to the sideline after deciding the forget about the cap, but everyone was laughing so hard we had to stop the game temporarily while he put himself back together. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Dale Batesole '50
Garden Grove, California