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2013 Centennial

MSTC: a lifetime of memories

My years at MSTC were unique. After my first two quarters, it became a girls' school, as the men enlisted in the various military services to avoid being drafted. That summer, the U.S. Navy V-12 moved in. I read memories from two of the sailors, Erling Podoll and Jim Rabideau, names I recognize.

My second year continued in science and math classes with very bright sailors. I graduated with an education degree and an emphasis in science. My regular classes stayed on the quarter plan, while classes with the sailors were semesters. My senior year was difficult due to the returning veterans "learning" a lot, particularly physics, due to the atom bomb.

Social life on campus resumed with the arrival of men. I was Panhellenic representative for Beta Theta Sorority and remember meeting regularly with Chief Sousa to plan social events. One group of sailors included a wonderful group of musicians. We had a marvelous dance band that easily rivaled Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey.

After his discharge, one of the sailors returned to Minot to visit me, where I worked as a weekly newspaper reporter. Tom Miller and I were married in Minot on June 25, 1947.

I was a stay-at-home mom who raised 11 children and helped educate them through almost 100 years of college. When the youngest entered kindergarten, I started the GED program under the area Community College and continued part-time for 29 years. It was a very rewarding job. I also volunteered for the Boy Scouts for 30-plus years. I was everything from den mother to Council Executive Board member. Three of our sons and three grandsons attained Eagle Scout.

Jean (Neal) Miller '46
Cherokee, Iowa