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Power of 100 - MSU Centennial Service Challenge 2013 Centennial

Power of 100 FAQ

What is this project all about?
To celebrate Minot State University's 100 years of service, we want to engage everyone to give back to their community. Any individual, group or organization can accept the challenge with a creative way to complete this spirit of service. We encourage you to think in terms of 100 and the power behind 100 years of service.

Your project doesn't have to involve 100, but you can let it inspire your activities: an elementary classroom can send 100 Valentine's day cards to a nursing home; you can collect 100 cans of food for a local food pantry; perform 100 hours of community service; or your organization can pick up 100 bags of garbage during a community clean-up day.

The possibilities are endless. Get your friends and family involved!

Besides identifying a project and completing it, what else do I need to do?
Document it for MSU's Centennial Service Challenge webpage. Our goal is to have 100 projects from all over the world showing the true spirit of service to others. If possible, incorporate the Power of 100 sign(pdf) into your photos and submit your narrative and photos to share with others.

I'm already involved in community activities; is it necessary to do something else?
Thank you for serving your community. You do not have to create a different project; you are encouraged to dedicate it, and document and share your ideas as stated above.

Can I raise money for a scholarship?
It is suggested that you consult with the university's advancement office if you are interested in raising money for a scholarship or providing a monetary contribution.

Are there any procedures I need to be aware of if I volunteer with children under age 18? We recommend that you secure a photo release, as mentioned on the Power of 100 registration form. If you perform the service in a PK-12 school, check with school administrators to be certain that you are in compliance with local and state acceptable use policies.

I think this is a great idea but I have no idea what I can do, can you help?
Visit the Power of 100 Centennial Service Challenge page, which will be updated frequently with new submissions.

The possibilities are endless! We would like to receive an array of meaningful projects that promote the Minot State University spirit of service from friends and alumni all over the world.

What is the timeline for these projects?
The Power of 100 MSU Centennial Service Challenge began May 10, 2013 and will continue through April 15, 2014. We will highlight specific projects at our closing Centennial Commencement Ceremony May 16, 2014.