100 Cards for 100 Kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an organization that gets donated cards from around the country sent to their home office for hospitalized children. The cards may be holiday orientated or just generic "feel good" cards. As the four of us (Kayle, Courtney, Layne and myself) read more about the organization we could not imagine a better power of 100 project. We got various groups and organizations from campus to help write positive sayings inside of over 100 cards. Even the littlest thing like a card from a caring stranger could make the world of difference in a childes day.

Project Inspiration: Our project was inspired by the basic knowledge of Cards for Hospitalized Kids, when we found out who to send the package to it was just a matter of finding the willing participants to draw and write on a few cards. Giving a little of our time to make a child's day was no problem for us to decide it needed to be done.