River Valley Clean-Up

The City of Minot would like to initiate a clean-up project combining partner companies and residents to assist in the removal of overgrown grass on the lots of abandoned homes, as well as along the riverbank throughout our community. This job takes specific equipment and dedicated man-hours to complete. For each lot, the steps necessary would include: Walk through and garbage clean up; Cutting down large weeds and plants; Mowing grass; and Trimming around immovable objects.

Project Inspiration: As fall approaches, the overgrown lots in the River Valley are not only an eye sore, but a hazard as they attract rodents and snakes. Despite efforts to keep the areas clean, the combination of flooded lots and the growing population has left the city behind in their efforts to keep the lots clean. The City of Minot reached out to Enbridge and the North Dakota Petroleum Council to see what companies in the area could do to help clean up before the snow comes.