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2013 Centennial

First Lutheran Church Cemetery

In 2011 the State Historical Society of North Dakota accepted MSU's study and cultural resource survey update for the First Lutheran Church Cemetery of Minot (32WD1622). The university's "History and Preservation of American Cemeteries" class taught by Mark Timbrook completed the CRS over a two-year period.

"The history of the site has been officially updated. These students made a difference in the cemetery's preservation and in correcting the site's poorly documented past," said Mark Timbrook, the project's primary investigator and historian. "Previous surveys noted the cemetery's creation in 1908 and reported it was of no significance to the history of the community."

The students' research proved otherwise.

"The class discovered the cemetery was originally sited in 1886 in present day Roosevelt Park. In 1892, Erik Ramstad, ‘Minot's first settler' according to the inscription on his gravestone, placed land in trust with the First Lutheran Church and created a new cemetery at the current site," Mark Timbrook said. "The property was deeded to the church in 1900. In 1908, the cemetery was surveyed a second time with significant changes made in landscape and orientation due to community growth and road changes."

Other prominent Minot area pioneers buried in the cemetery include Julius Fauchard, Honorable John J. Lee, Peter Ramstad, George and Gunder Reishus and Ole and Gunhild Sundre and long-time Minot legislator Brynhild Haugland.

Students in this class were Susan Brooks, Minot; Sara Carr, Minot; Kyle Craig, Cando; Terry-Lynn Falcon, Donnybrook; Misty Neumiller, Minot; Obed Rodriguez, Stuttgart, Germany; Leah Ronholdt, Minot; Kala Yarbrough, Sawyer; and Nathan Zochert, Minot. Gary Huwe, Minot, served as a student intern; Eunice Timbrook volunteered with program administration and Margaret Sherve, associate professor of English, assisted with instruction.