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2013 Centennial

When Dreams Come True:
A Centennial History of Minot State University 1913-2013

By Jonathan Wagner and Mark Timbrook

When Dreams Come True: A Centennial History of Minot State University 1913-2013, presents a one-hundred year tribute to the people who transformed a modest, sparsely equipped and architecturally incomplete normal school in the middle of North Dakota's drift prairie in 1913 into the comprehensive university of this centennial year 2013.

To tell the story, authors Timbrook and Wagner focus on five periods in the institution's history. In so doing, they intertwine local narrative with themes and events of national and global consequence. More specifically, the authors describe the dreams of the founders, initial state resistance to the school's creation and the determination of community supporters to build it despite the opposition. They emphasize the role of first president, Arthur Griswold Crane, the master who established the institution's dual commitment to service and enlightenment. They describe how the institution's initial mission to train teachers for the state's children evolved and expanded to produce enlightened, well-rounded citizens, capable of rendering service to their state and nation in many different forms. From its foundation through the Great Depression years, two World Wars, and into contemporary period you will discovr Minot State University as you have never seen it before. You will emerge from this reading with an awareness of how far the institution has travelled over the past century, with an understanding of its contributions to the state and society during those ten decades and finally with an idea of the dreams harbored for its future.

Pages: 293 pages
Price: $18.00
Publisher: MSU Press
ISBN-13: 978-0578121543

Purchasing Copies
Copies can be purchased on campus in the MSU bookstore or ordered by mail. To order by mail, send a check for $23.95 ($18.00 + $5.95 for shipping) payable to Minot State University to:

For more information, please contact Mark Timbrook:
      - 701-858-3832