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2013 Centennial

President's Welcome

Centennial Sponsors

MSU's Centennial Celebration is sponsored by the MSU Board of Regents.

Thanks to the Minot Young Professionals for sponsoring the September 21st Centennial Block Party.

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Minot State University
The Campus History Series
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What's rewarding and fun about the work we do at Minot State University is that we serve students with many different plans and aspirations.

We do our best to prepare them to reach their expected, and in many cases, their unexpected destinations. In the end, what we are proud of is not necessarily the diplomas on their walls or the rewards they gather, but the quality of lives they lead. Much of what we do at Minot State University is focused on our students' success and their potential to lead meaningful lives.

Learning depends on knowing one's sense of direction, appreciating our history, our people, our traditions, our sense of purpose, and then doing something meaningful and important for the good of others. In Vision 2013, MSU's vision for the future, one of our strategies is to know our place, not in a sense of class or status, but in the sense of truly understanding what it takes to contribute to others and the common good.

We witnessed this spirit every day during and after the devastating 2011 flood. The selfless way our faculty, staff and students helped others was remarkable. This generosity was observed all across our city and immediate region.

As we approach our Centennial and remember those who have contributed to Minot State University, we should be proud of our great university and its traditions of learning and service.

David Fuller